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/.~:The Wild West RPFG!~:~.\
« on: December 21, 2012, 04:16:17 pm »
The Wild West!
AKA The American Frontier

A roudy, spur-stompin' good time!


Duel with enemies,

  Form gangs with your friends,

Control lively towns,

      Conquer the Wild West!



Name:(Westernly themed name)

Starter Weapon:(See starter weapons)

Appearance:(Detailed description)

Personality:(See personalities)

Hometown:(See Cities 1-6)





1.The Tradin' Post

2.The Fishin' Hole

3.The Rottin' Mines

4.The Happenin' Bar

5.Sweet Uninhabited Glory





3.Dodge City

4.San Fransisco (PE)

5.Willamette Valley

6.St. Joseph (PE)

7.(New City Slot 1)

8.(New City Slot 2)

9.(New City Slot 3)

10.(New City Slot 4)



Rough: Experienced, but not well liked.

Rookie: A quick, unexperienced personality.

Cowboy: Average Experience, liked by most.


*note* This game introduces a new concept with battles: duels. Therefor, speed is now an issue for duelling. If your weapon says 1/3 for rate of fire, it means 1 shot every three seconds.Each shot does the listed damage. So, if your weapon says 2/5, it means 2 shots every 5 seconds. Don't worry, during duels, I'll do the math.


*These are all REAL weapons from the 18th and 19th century.

Trading Post:

              Starter Weapons:

                            Flintlock Pistol-Rate of fire: 1/3, 30D

                            Winchester 94-Rate of fire: 1/2, 20D

                            Dreyse Needle Gun-Rate of fire: 2/3, 15D


Colt Peacemaker-Rate of fire: 3/1, 30D--$100

Carcano Needle Gun- Rate of fire: 2/1, 20D--$40

Ferguson Rifle-Rate of Fire: 3/5, 30D--$35

Colt Revolving Rifle- Rate of fire: 3/2, 25D--$50

Harper's Ferry Model 1805- Rate of fire: 3/4, 25D--$25

1873 45 Caliber Revolver- Rate of fire: 3/2, 20D, $35

Bison Bowie Knife- Rate of fire: 1/4, 100D, $40

6mm 1873 Fast-Draw Revolver- Rate of fire: 5/2, 15D, $50

M1869 Revolver- Rate of Fire: 2/1, 20D, $55

More to come!



Iron spurs- Increases Strength level-$40 each spur

Stainless steel spurs-Increases Intelligence level-$40 each spur

Leopard Print Spurs-Increases Swag Level-$40 each spur

Aluminum Spurs-Increases speed level-$40 each spur


(Chest Plates and cloaks effects can be combined.)

Torn cloak-$15 + 10HP

Iron chest plate- $30 + 20HP

Good Cloak-$30 + 20HP

Steel chest plate- $50 + 40HP

Velvet Cloak- $50 + 40HP

Platinum chest plate- $100 + 90HP

Leather Cloak- $100 + 90HP


Torn pants- $15 + 10HP

Good Pants-$30 + 20HP

Velvet Pants-$50 + 40HP

Leather Pants-$100 + 90HP


Moldy boots- $15 + 10HP

Good boots- $30 + 20HP

Leather boots- $50 + 40HP


Torn Hat- $15 + 10HP

Good Hat- $30 + 20HP

Leather Hat- $50 + 40HP


For those of you who are reading this, and are against pure violence, please note this IS NOT ALL ABOUT VIOLENCE! Duels are merely one form of making money.
There are many more ways to progress in this game. Ranching, farming, mining, and Trading are just a few ways. You can start cities, and even conquer existing ones.


These rarely effect battle outcomes, but can effect everything else.
Strength: Pretty straight foward.
Swag: Just 'cuz.
Speed: Pretty straight foward.
Intelligence: Smarticlez.
Inginuity: Establishing stuff.
Crafting: Creating goods, like weapons and gear.
Mining: Pretty straight foward.
Ranching: Pretty straight foward.
Collecting: Pretty straight foward.


In each town, there are 5 areas.
1.The Tradin' Post
   -Here, you will find the Post Office, buisness, and traders.
2.The Fishin' Hole
   -Here, you can find the pond,the river, The Boat Shack, and sometimes traders.
3.The Rottin' Mines
   -Here are the mines, where you can dig for gold and other valuables, but you can get hurt.
4.The Happenin' Bar
   -Here you can find the bar. Not much, because AT the bar, you can brawl, heal, Recruit gang members, and even meet a few people.
5.Sweet Uninhabited Glory
   -Here, you can build a home, visit other homes, hunt, or dig for treasure.

Ranching, farming, and trading
Ranching and Farming all take place at your house, and require a lot of extra space.
Therefor, a tax must be issued for it. It is easily paid, however if your property is not well maintained, or natural events occur,it can be difficult. Simply pay a set amount for crop seeds, and at harvest time you sell it for a fortune. With Ranching, you must purchase animals, and pay a small weekly fee for feed/care. With ranching, you get money every week, not just at harvest time, and requirees less work, so it's more desirable even though it brings in less.   Trading is a great way to earn money, because you don't need to be present 24/7, but when you are, items almost always sell. However, there is a weekly tax for having a stall in The Tradin' Post.


Quests can be collected by talking to strangers, and can take you to any spot in the map. Rewards can be anything. Some quests are dangerous, like stopping a bandit, some are calm, like delivering a piece of mail.


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