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~Robocalypse~ All new action-packed RPFG! Join Now!
« on: December 21, 2012, 06:11:59 pm »
The year? 2045. The place? The ruins of an area once known as the bustling city of Chicago. The who?
Well, that's for you to decide...

V 1.0

You descend from a weary state of unconsciousness, the hazy glow of the sun glaring into your eyes. As you steadily begin to situate yourself, you observe the surroundings in which you appeared in such an ominous matter. It seems to be the wreckage of your boat. Can't seem to remember wrecking it...  Out of nowhere, striking pains emerge from your gut, and your revival efforts are brought to an abrupt halt. You look up towards the ever intensifying sun, but in it's place is a welcoming hand. You gratefully grasp it, and soon enough you're on your feet. A short but well built man stands in front of you, with satchel on his back, and a weapon in hand. "Who are you?" You quickly ask. "Nigel." "Nigel who?"
"Just Nigel." He responds, a faint grin escaping his face. Quick as lightning, he draws his strange weapon, pointed directly at your head."Now you tell me traveller. Who are you?"

Who are you?
Weapon Type:


Machine Pistol
Dark hair, fit, natural leader, likes the color green.

Character Traits

Weight: This trait determines how quickly your character can move in firefights, quests, etc. it also alters your max health. *This trait will affect quests and firefights.

Weapon Type: This trait heavily affects your firefight experience, drastically changing the outcome of a firefight based on range, damage, rate of fire, and skill. Rather than having different kinds of one type, there is one pistol, one submachine gun, etc. however, there are skill ranks and attachments that level that level the battlefield in their own way. The weapon types are:
Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Assault Rifle, Sniper, Machine Pistol, and Launcher-types(Rockets and Grenades)
*This trait will affect firefights.

Well, just describe your character.
*This trait will not affect quests or firefights.

The personality trait can determine quests. Some people only offer money and rewards for quests based on your personality. Otherwise, it just describes your character. Evil characters can get big rewards, but quests aren't offered as much, while good characters receive many lower paying quests. Personalities include: Good: Kind, Gentle, Generous Neutral: Rough, Quiet, Mysterious  Evil: Mean, Criminal, Greedy
*This trait will affect quests.

Perks and Skills can often result in new and/or higher paying quests, as well as adding valuable tools in firefights. While these traits heavily affect gameplay, few of these perks describe your character(unlike personality). Perks available are:
  Lucky     Marksman    Kevlar    Handy     Modder    Quick-Learner
    +                +              +            +              +                 +
Dodging    Accuracy     Health    Repair      Damage    Level up faster
*This trait will affect quests and firefights.

Now that you've read over the application, post your character for assured entrance into...

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General Shoppe
Open to travelers of all factions since 2034

Several More Items Coming Soon!

Firefight Format: Through a series of maths, a combination of factors(Weapon type, perks, tools, and bots.), a fabricated series of events is unfurled coinciding with the player's stats. Stats are usually posted before each battle is described.

Item Format

Name|Description|Cost|Level Requirement

Weapon Attachments

Optical Scope|3x zoom/+Accuracy|  2c |3

ACOG Scope|6x zoom/+Accuracy -Dodging| 3c  |4

Front Grip|+Accuracy| 2c  |3

Extended Magazine|+Rate of Fire| 2c  |3

Enhanced Ammunition|+Damage| 4c  |5


Shotgun|Short range, High damage, Low RoF| 10c |6

Rocket Launcher|Medium range, High Damage, Low RoF| 10c |6

Grenade Launcher|Medium range, High Damage, Extremely Low RoF| 10c |6

Pistol|Close-Medium Range, Medium Damage, Medium RoF| 10c |6

Submachine Gun|Close-Medium Range, Medium Damage, High RoF| 10c |6

Assault Rifle|Medium Range-Long Range, Medium-High Range, High RoF| 10c |6

Sniper Rifle|Long Range, High Damage, Low RoF| 10c |6

Machine Pistol|Close-Medium Range, Medium damage, High RoF| 10c |6

Combat Perks
Caution! Purchasing A new perk replaces your current perk!

Hardline|Allows for 3 attachments| 8c |5

Combatant|Allows for 2 robot weapons| 8c |3


Grenade|Unlocks 2 Grenades per Firefight| 5c |3

Battle bot|Unlocks a customizable robot to join you in battle| 5c |2

*Welding Gun|Unlocks Repair/Engineer Class| 3c |2/4/6/8

*Hacking PDA|Unlocks Hacking/Operative Class| 3c |2/4/6/8

*Med-Pack|Unlocks extra health for you and all allies with you/Medic Class| 3c |2/4/6/8

*Tactical Vest|Unlocks ammo & damage upgrades/Soldier Class| 3c |2/4/6/8

All tools with a "*"  signify that these tools(Commonly referred to as classes) can all be purchased, but only one can be equipped at a time, with the most recently purchased being the equipped class, unless you state otherwise. You can switch in between classes at any time by simply specifying which class you'd like to switch to. The "2/4/6/8" refers to the level requirements. Your first class you can buy at level 2, and your second at level 4, and so on.

Battle Bots

When a Battle bot is purchased, be ready to answer the application for your unique battle robot.

Name(Roboty, like DHYY-75):

rClasses: Gunner- A reliable robot that targets individual enemies and attempts to eliminate it.
                Suppressor- Provides cover fire, not targeting any particular enemy, distracting the enemies.
                Cover- A literal deployable shield that is near-indestructible, and is an ideal cover choice.
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