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Title: BBC Code- Tutorial
Post by: jjlcl on December 22, 2012, 01:00:34 pm
Now, some of you might not frequent forums. The thing is, there is an entirely different system to messages then you'd see in Word, or on an E-mail.
Luckily, most BBC Codes are simplified into the buttons you see above when you type. But when they're clicked, some strange text in brackets. This is supposed to happen. Simply insert the desired text in between, and when it's posted, it will appear as you wish!(If done correctly.) Here are a few basics:

Basics (

Any questions regarding BBC Codes can be asked here.
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Title: Re: BBC Code- Tutorial
Post by: jjlcl on December 23, 2012, 11:12:53 am
Also, another issue is pictures. Copy-pasting won't work, even in between the BBC Codes. The only way is to insert the picture's link. If it is a picture you found online, go to the site, and right-click it. Click the "Copy Shortcut" option. Later, paste it in between the BBC Codes, and your picture will work. If it is a picture saved in your computer, go to a picture sharing website,(Tinypic, Imgur, Photobucket), and after a successful upload, you'll find the image code. Copy it, and there's your link to put in.

       Happy Picture-ing!
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