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Basic Guidelines
« on: December 21, 2012, 04:09:08 pm »
Welcome to the General Forums. The main idea is to increase the wellfare and entertainment level of you Internet-goers. In order to do this, we(the GF management team) must ask you keep cursing to a minimum, and politeness in mind at all times. As these rules are fairly easy to follow, are moderation staff is set at a minimum. Now, what are the benefits of joining the General Forum? I'm glad you asked.  At GF, we try to meet everyone's standards, so we are constantly adding new boards and features. There's a little bit for everyone!

A great feature we offer is the membergroups. While some groups are based off of skill and experience on the forums, many others are based off of common interests. Some groups even offer an exclusive chat lobby, in which you can talk and collaborate with other people of that group! To request to join a group, first log in, or register. Then, once signed in, click the "Profile" tab. Once you arrive on your profile page, you click the "Group Membership" option, located on the far left under "Profile". Then, under "Available Groups", you can ask to request a group of your choice! Here are a few of the groups we offer:

The Musician's Lair:
Play an instrument and/or sing, and you can request to join the Musician's Lair!

The Gamer's Lodge:
If you are an intense, or even a casual gamer, join for the title of "Gamer"!

Jr. Member:
If you are adept enough to find the Membergroup's page, you can request to join the Jr. Member's squad!

Full Member:
Acception based on a number of stats, such as karma and posts.

Anyone who's been a member for a long time can join this gifted group.

Also, after 100 posts you become a Hero Member!

For any questions, contact us at
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